Downloadable Handouts for Genealogy Day 2019
How DNA Testing Can Help Your Genealogy Research
A Review of Ethnicity Results from Nine DNA Testing Companies
Using Today’s Commercial DNA Test Results in a Medical Family Tree

Downloadable Handouts for Two-Day Irish Genealogy Workshop 2018
Researching Irish and Scots-Irish Ancestors – An Introduction (2018)
PRONI Guides to Family History – 2018 (1)
National Archives of Ireland General Guide
National Archives of Ireland Guide to Genealogy
National Archives of Ireland Help Notes
Timeline for the Plantation of Ulster
Ulster Historical Foundation – Historical_Timeline
PRONI Guides to Emigration
PRONI Guides to Historical Topics
PRONI Guides to Local History
Researching Seventeenth Century Families – Timeline

Downloadable Handouts for Here Come the Doughboys! Tracing Your WWI Military Ancestors

Recreate Your Veteran’s WWI Experience
 I Have My WWI Ancestors Military File
Spirit of St. Louis Accessing Records at the NPRC
Allied with the Allies and Aliens in the Army
Pandemic Fighting Battling Influenza During WWI

Additional Files from the NPRC lecture include:

Downloadable Handouts for Genealogy Day 2018
Dropsy Quinsy Consumption 
Death Demystified
Your Predecessors Personality on Paper

Downloadable Handouts for Genealogy Day 2017
Genetic Genealogy – Genealogy Day 2017
Are You Related to Someone Famous – Genealogy Day 2017
Where the Murderers Roam – Genealogy Day 2017

Downloadable Handouts for Genealogy Day 2016
Sensational Deaths and How to Find Them
Investigating Infamous Ancestors