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May’s Genealogy Club Meeting Webinar “Advanced FamilySearch” Online Now!

Did you miss your local genealogical society meeting this month? Fountaindale Public Library’s May Genealogy Club meeting is live and available for free through June 13, 2019.

FamilySearch Genealogy Club

This month’s meeting features “Advanced FamilySearch“. In this session, you’ll learn how to navigate the advanced features of the FamilySearch website, such as browsing catalog items, using image-only records to advance your research, and making the most of the ‘FamilySearch Memories’ section of the site.

Genealogy Day 2019 header

Did you miss out on this year’s Genealogy Day event due to illness, work, or family obligations?  No problem!  Our free all-day conference “DNA Uncensored” is available online for free!  All of this year’s Genealogy Day 2019 sessions are online now with handouts.  Check them out on our webinars page!

See You At the Library!

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