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Genealogy Day 2019 Checklist, Overflow Room Information, Handouts, and More!

Genealogy Day 2019 header

We’re two days away from this year’s Genealogy Day program, and we are really excited to be hosting a fantastic list of speakers!  We’re also looking forward to seeing all our attendees and hearing about their DNA research!  This is going to be a great day, and the energy behind this event is still growing!  We have some wonderful updates to share with you!

Overflow Room for Wait List Registrants!
We are offering an overflow viewing room for the first 20 patrons on our wait list!  All our live stream feeds will be broadcast to our  2nd Floor Board Room, which will have snacks, drinks, comfy padded chairs, tables and other niceties found in our main program room.  Wait list attendees do not need to register for the overflow room, they’ve all been automatically added to a list which will be located at the morning check-in table.

Handouts Now Available!
All of the handouts for this year’s Genealogy Day have been posted to the Handouts and Webinar areas of our website.  As a courtesy to our presenters, please do not redistribute handouts via e-mail or print to non-attendees.  Please send your friends and acquaintances to our site to download handouts and watch our webinars.  While they’re on our blog, they can check out all the cool stuff we have available!

Also, here is an advanced copy of the schedule which was posted earlier on our website!

Genealogy Day 2019 Handbill

Door Prizes!
Yes, there will be door prizes.  Yes, the people in the overflow room will be able the participate.  You must be present to win, so stay for the whole day!

Early Voting!
The Fountaindale Public Library is an early voting site for this year’s consolidated election.  Will County residents will have the opportunity to skip the election day line and vote during the Genealogy Day break periods.  Voters will receive a nifty free ‘I Voted’ sticker.

Bring Your Library Card!
No, you do not need to register for our event with your library card.  You will need it to checkout all the cool genealogy books, DVDs, and materials we will have on display.  Bring your card, register at our Information Desk to be a reciprocal borrower, and go home with some cool free genealogy materials from our library!

Bring or order your lunch – If you forget your lunch on the day of our program, you can place a lunch order at Brooks Cafe during morning registration.  Some food selections may be limited, so you’ll want to place your order before 9:30 am!

Consult the Experts – We have three featured experts at this year’s Genealogy Day.   Photographer Bruce Troyer will help you unpuzzle two photographs from your collection, and can help you narrow down a location, time, date, or year for each photo.  Gina Pommier will be available during the lunch break to analyze two handwriting samples from your collection to assist with decoding ancestral personalities on paper.  Tina Beaird is offering one-on-one consultations for your tough genealogy questions.  Her expertise ranges from geographic regions in Illinois and Scotland to military and migration topics.  These sessions are available on a first come – first serve basis on our main stage during the lunch hour.

The Other Stuff You Need to Bring:
Bring a seat cushion  –  Yes, you will need seat cushion!
Pencils and Pens
Smart Phone/Tablet/Laptop 

If you are unable to attend our workshop, please cancel your registration online or call us at (630) 685-4176.  We would like everyone to have a chance to attend should we have room available.
If I can be of further assistance, please let me know.
Many Thanks,
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