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“They Shall Not Grow Old” – WATCH IT!

One hundred years ago this month, the the United States military began preparing and processing some of their troops for the return trip back from their Great War service in Europe.  And while there were some excellent Armistice commemorations which took place throughout the world on November 11, 2018, here in the United States, the… Continue reading “They Shall Not Grow Old” – WATCH IT!

Local History and Genealogy

Grandma’s Clickbait

One of the great services libraries offer to their communities is to act as a storehouse of local and personal histories. Filed between numerous photos, post cards, prays and poetry are often found newspaper clipping on anything that happened to catch the scrapbooker’s eye. This can range from a story about a cute baby with… Continue reading Grandma’s Clickbait

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New “We’ll Meet Again” Episode Has Bolingbrook Connection

Earlier last year, our library had the extraordinary opportunity to do a little leg work for an episode of the PBS show We’ll Meet Again with Ann Curry.  If you are new to the show, We’ll Meet Again explores some of history’s most dramatic events and reunites people who had been separated by them.  If… Continue reading New “We’ll Meet Again” Episode Has Bolingbrook Connection