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June Genealogy Club Webinar “Why Am I Stuck? Ten Solutions to Common Genealogical Brick Walls” Online Now! – Follow Friday

Did you miss your local genealogical society meeting this month? Fountaindale Public Library’s Genealogy Club June lecture is live and available for free through July 14, 2018. The webinar and handout are available online at
why am I stuck

This month’s meeting “Why Am I Stuck? Ten Solutions to Common Genealogical Brick Walls” is presented by Marsha Peterson-Maass.  Marsha is the author of the Fundamentals of Genealogy® series and the Director of Valor Research for Purple Hearts Reunited.

In this lecture, Marsha will walk you through the common mistakes in genealogical research, from making assumptions to underutlized record sets.  Always insightful and patient, Marsha is the perfect teacher to help you reexamine your research with a new mindset.

Check out our full schedule of free monthly programs and webinars on our events page:

Genealogy Day 2018 small graphic flyerRecorded lectures from this year’s Genealogy Day are live and online!  This year’s theme “In Sickness, in Health, in Handwriting” provides information and insight on researching diseases, coroner records, as well as disecting your ancestor’s psycological profile through penmenship.

This year’s speaker schedule includes:

  • Dropsy, Quinsy, or Consumption: Just Exactly What Did My Ancestor Have? presented by Kimberly Nagy
  • Death Demystified: Understanding Coroner and Undertaker Records presented by Tina Beaird
  • Your Predecessor’s Personality on Paper: Using Handwriting Analysis in Genealogical Research presented by Gina Pommier

See You At The Library!

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