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Genealogy Day 2017 Webinar Links and Handouts Online Now! – Motivation Monday

Genealogy Day – May 6, 2017crime-fame-genealogical-confessions

All webinars airing in Central Standard Time!

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09:30 a.m.  Genetic Genealogy with Robert Sliwinski 

11:30 a.m.  Are You Related to Someone Famous?  with Robert Allen

2:00 p.m. Where the Murderers Roam with Dr. Daniel Hubbard

Downloadable Handouts for Genealogy Day 2017
DNA Explorers Handout 
Are You Related to Someone Famous
murderers roam handout

Can’t make our webinar?  No problem!  This program will be recorded and available online to watch on our site

See you at the Library!

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