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New Resources for Irish Research! – Those Places Thursday

There are some exciting new developments in Irish genealogy research.  The National Archives of Ireland has released a brand new Family Research Online Class site.  Geared primarily for students as an introduction to methodology and research, these online modules are open to anyone with an interest in Irish genealogy.  The place name guide is very comprehensive and helpful to new researchers.  You’ll definitely want to check this portion of the site out!  There is an easy to read graph and explanation of Irish place names, as well as a helpful links section.

Do you have Irish ancestors from Dublin?  There’s a new smartphone app available for tracing Dublin ancestors called Ancestor Network.  This is a free app available in your phone or tablet app store.  Ancestor Network is a guide to historical and genealogical resources in Dublin, which should be helpful to researchers traveling to the city to conduct research.

Image result for ancestor networkWhile the information in the app is helpful in locating archives, offices, and sites in the city, it does not include the free genealogy services at the National Archives of Ireland and the National Library of Ireland.  Any visitor to Dublin should take advantage of the free services available before embarking on the resources listed in the app.  It’s well worth the extra time to get free help one-on-one from the library and archive staff, and using the app as a guide while you’re out and about in town.  And I can personally vouch for Cafe Joly, the wonderful cafe at National Library of Ireland.  It’s truly a wonderful place to have a proper cup of tea and fresh baked goodies if you need a break while researching.



FindMyPast released a fantastic new array of  Irish newspapers, Quaker records, and petty court sessions recently.  The biggest of these updates concerns the Irish newspaper collection, which now contains over 1.2 million articles and seven new titles such as the Leinster Leader, Donegal Independent, Kildare Observer & Eastern Counties Advertiser, Wicklow News-Letter & County Advertiser, Longford Journal, Wicklow People and the Ballyshannon Herald.  irish-newspapers-find-my-past

The largest collection of articles, numbering sixteen million plus articles date from 1850-1899, with the second largest collection totaling three million articles dating from 1800-1849.  You’ll want to use these newspaper collections in conjunction with the update Irish Petty Session Court Records on FindMyPast.  Crime has been and continues to be a common topic in newspapers.

irish-flyerLimited space remains for our upcoming Two-Day Irish Genealogy Workshop and Webinar on
Wednesday, March 15 and Thursday, March 16
, 2017.  This unique and epic two-day
event offers attendees the opportunity to learn about genealogy resources from all areas of Ireland.

Download the workshop flyer and lunch order form online here: irish-geneaology-17-flyer_cafe_order_form-r4

Registration is free and open to researchers of all experience levels.  Call the Fountaindale Public Library reference desk at (630) 685-4176 to reserve your space in the program.

Can’t make the workshop in person?  A free streaming webinar option is available online.  All handouts, registration, and webinar details are available on our information page.

See You At the Library!


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