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Shake Up Your Summer with Free Online Genealogy Classes and Webinars- Follow Friday

Who says you’re too cool for summer school?  Summer is a great time to pick up new genealogy skills!
FutureLearn announced a second edition of Genealogy: Researching Your Family Tree to their summer schedule.  The response to the first course in March was positively overwhelming, with over 26,000 genealogists participating in the coursework.  This summer’s class is six weeks and begins on Monday, July 18.   This course is a boon to beginning genealogists, as this no-cost class offers participants the opportunity to learn techniques from my University of Strathclyde graduate school professors.  The class combines reading, coursework, and online discussion boards to give participants a way to share their genealogical thoughts experiences.   The feedback from the first class has been overwhelmingly positive, so if you haven’t enrolled yet you will want to do so right away!

If you collect stereographs or have a few in your family heirloom collection, the University of Edinburgh and the National Libraries of Scotland are offering a free two-week course of Stereoscopy: an Introduction to Victorian Stereo Photography beginning August 1, 2016.
Stereographs provided Victorians with an early form of 3-D photographs, which were popular for entertainment and education.  Placed on cardboard were two almost identical photographs, side by side, to be viewed with a stereoscope. Affordable for the masses, stereographs were a commercial success and provided families and individuals an chance to see far away places from the comfort of their homes.  The American Antiquarian Society has a fantastic collection stereographs digitized online.

Looking for a few free webinars?
You may want to check out the huge collection of free webinars on the FamilySearch Learning Center.  learning center

Taking a look around, the Learning Center has a great selection of ethnic genealogy, intermediate and advanced topics, as well as webinars available in Spanish.  I just finished a session on Czech Church Records, and I found another 10 I want to watch later.  I can foresee watching my webinars outside on my deck in the evenings.

ALSO: There are free genealogy presentations available on SlideShare.  Slideshare

Slideshare hosts online slideshow presentations created by a variety of speakers. The presentation on Social Media – How to Share Your Genealogy Without Losing Your Mind looks particularly interesting.

See You At The Library!

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