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Nosferatu: A Special Silent Film Screening – Thriller Thursday

nosferatu1See the first vampire movie ever made! Experience the the thrill of an authentic 1922 Nosferatu-1922-postersilent film experience of Nosferatu, shown via film projector with a live organ music score and free popcorn!  Visit the Fountaindale Public Library in Bolingbrook on Thursday, October 29 at 7 p.m. in Meeting Room A and see this classic movie just the way your ancestors would have enjoyed: with an old-fashioned projector and a live musical accompaniment!

Widely acclaimed and still rated one of the top five films in history, Nosferatu was  an unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, with names and other details changed because the studio could not obtain the rights to the novel.  Stoker’s heirs sued over the adaptation, and a court ruling ordered that all copies of the film be destroyed. However, a few prints of Nosferatu survived, and the film came to be regarded as an influential masterpiece of cinema.

Our guest organist for the evening is Jay Warren, who is a regularly featured photoplay organist for the Silent Film Society of Chicago.  Jay will bring the the brooding and dramatic music of Nosferatu to life with a digital theater organ and powerful sound system.  Love silent films but can’t attend our program?  You can sign up for Jay’s mailing list and see a full list of his upcoming program on his website:

Just to prove how serious we are about this program, our library ordered a vintage copy of IMG_2942Nosferatu from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City.  MoMA has a large collection of historic and rare films from around the world, and they are available for loan to public libraries, organizations, and film groups.  The film was delivered today, and our staff is so excited to see this story come to live on the big screen!  Did we mention there’s going to be free popcorn at our event?

Understandably, you may have never seen a silent film before.  Maybe you’re concerned it will be boring, or just not terribly interesting.  But if you prefer Gothic atmosphere to gory violence, special effects without CGI, and a live music performance to a canned soundtrack, then come out to the show.  Take the plunge into a silent film experience with the confidence that wherever you are in Chicagoland, silent film events are keeping the original silver screen stories alive.

If you are outside Chicago and would like to have your own Nosferatu night, you can stream the movie on Netflix or for free through Internet Archive.

See you at the Library!

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