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New Releases to New York State Genealogical Records on Internet Archive – Tuesday’s Tip

NY_1822_Carey-webI’ve made a habit of scrolling through a the list of newly archived records on Internet Archive.  I love seeing all the new material appearing on the site to eager researchers such as myself, and I wasn’t disappointed with the long list of new items I found for New York state genealogy research!

A Few of the Gems:

Poll listA Copy of the Poll List, of the Election for Representatives for the City and County of New-York : which Election began on Monday the 23d day of January, and ended on Friday the 27th, of the same month, in the year of our Lord, MDCCLXIX (1769)
Voter registration lists may or may not be available for researcher due to privacy concerns.  What makes this title useful is how clearly and detailed the information is presented.  Individuals are listed, along with the date and the candidates of their choosing, in a clear and concise manner.  Any special designations are noted in the front  of the book.  Browsing through this title, I found great droll worthy information such as “Voted on his Right in the Seceder’s Meeting,” “Person qualified (sworn) with Respect to his Freehold,” and “Non-Resident”.  Easy to read, easy to browse, and easy to cite.  This book is definitely a winner!

Church Records, Katsbaan, New Yorkchurch records
Why something so specific and obscure?  Well, this title certainly sheds a lot of light on the records of a small Dutch Reformist community in upstate New York.  Their records are meticulous and well documented, with this particular book chronicling November 8, 1730 through February 27, 1755.  Where is this very cool and obscure place?  Saugerties (Ulster County), a small town about 30 minutes from Hudson.  If you’ve never heard of this church, don’t worry.  You can learn quite a bit about the church history on the Katsbaan Reformed Church website.

Ulster County, N.Y. Probate Records in the Office of the Surrogate, and in the County Clerk’s office at Kingston, N.Y. : a Careful Abstract and translation after Intestates, and Inventories from 1665, with Genealogical and Historical Notes, and list of Dutch and Frisian Baptismal Names with their English Equivalents

Yes, I know this is a long and slightly bewildering title.  But it’s well worth a look for the Ulster County genealogists!  Is it helpful to note there are two volumes to this collection?  I love reading through wills and inventories, because the type of items and statements found can be mortifying and priceless.  Also, there are several mentions to place names, best of which I found just a few days ago.
Crage WillYep.  “Dwarfs Kill.”  I couldn’t have made that up. It is also important to remember that slavery was legal in the colony, so be ready to come to grips with your ancestor’s slave owning reputation.

There are two great directories I’d like to bring to your attention: Brooklyn Directory (New York City), for the Years 1839-40 and Perkins’ Rural Directory 1909/10.  In your search to suss out ancestors in a non-census year, these items may come in handy.  Brooklyn is definitely an early city directory in a quiet cusp between the War of Independence and the Civil War, but the Perkins Rural Directory stands nearly toe to toe with a census and the First World War.  You will definitely want to consult these two items if your ancestors were residing in those areas.
The last two of my recommendations are diaries, which arefrontis always full of personal and social information that genealogists really should consult them more often.  The two diaries recently made available on Internet Archive take place nearly a century apart, one born in war and the other born in peacetime.  The Diary of Captain Daniel Roe, an Officer of the French and Indian War and of the Revolution is a blood, sweat, gun toting adventure read while Diary of the Little Girl in Old New York is a childhood reminiscence of Catherine Elizabeth Havens.  If anyone was wondering what a child of ten could possibly write about, check this out –
diary girlgirl diary 2Reading this gives everyone the uncomfortable realization that a ten year old in 1849 had more maturity than anyone twenty or thirty years older today.

Here are a few more interesting titles which you will want to read as well:

Genealogical record of the Saint Nicholas Society. Advanced Sheets, First Series

Records of the First church in Huntington, Long island, 1723-1779. Being the Record Kept by the Rev. Ebenezer Prime, the Pastor During Those Years

A History of the Establishment of the Hillsdale Rural Cemetery Association : Its Proceedings and their Results

Gazetteer and business directory of St. Lawrence County, N.Y. for 1873-4

So, what have you found on Internet Archive recently?  Leave your comments on our blog!

See you at the Library!

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