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Clever Gifts for Genealogists – Tuesday’s Tip

Need some gift ideas for a genealogist on your holiday list?  There’s a huge temptation to throw someone a gift card to Amazon, Ancestry, or Fold3.  However, if you want to wrap a gift with nifty paper and bows or send a package to a friend in another state, take a look at these fantastic holiday finds!

nextgengenealogyDNA is the brave new frontier for genealogy research. David Dowell’s new book NextGen Genealogy: The DNA Connection has just been released and I can’t wait to read it!  Our library had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Dowell at our library in 2011, and his book Crash Course in Genealogy is a must read for any and all beginning and intermediate genealogists.  When you get a chance to visit Dr. Dowell’s blog, you can read his description of the book, and some great insight to the genealogy DNA test sales which are on offer right now.  You can save a few dollars by buying this book in an electronic format, but I find the physical copy is always nice to have around to share with friends or a small research group.

Genealogy research in New York state and New York City can be an absolute irishancestorsnewyorknightmare.  One of the breakthrough books I found this year was Finding Your Irish Ancestors in New York City by Joseph Buggy.  This book combines resources, materials, and little known records into a first rate research tool.  After reading the section dedicated to Catholic Church sacramental records, I had a much better understanding of the array of resources kept by the church during different time periods.  I wish book had been around when I was working on a project last year.  As it stands, this is going to be one of my library’s featured titles for Irish genealogy research in 2015.

For the genealogists who hobby in knitting and crochet, centenary stitchesCentenary Stitches: Telling the Story of one WW1 Family Through Vintage Knitting and Crochet by Elizabeth Lovick is a lovely book of patterns, narratives, and amazing projects.  Centenary Stitches is a unique book, as it chronicles both an effort to bring vintage First World War clothing and instructions to a modern audience, while introducing readers to the story of an English family’s wartime experiences featured in the film Tell Them of Us. I loved looking at the new projects inspired by the movie featured side by side the patterns used during time period.  There are a lot of wonderful projects in this book, so your knitting and crochet genealogist will have something new and unique for their book collection!

To customize genealogy gifts for friends, family, or clients, you will want to check out the uber cool assortment of wall decals, custom family tree charts, and surname products on Etsy.  I found some of the best ideas for bringing the concept of a family tree into stunning works of wall art from a few of the items for sale on this site.













I just joined the Daughters of the American Revolution last year, and I’ve been hunting for cool gift ideas for my friends and family members.  The online DAR museum shop is tucked away on the website, but it has some great items fit for anyone across a wide range of ages.  My favorite find on the site is a very cool umbrella, and with a $25 price tag it fits well within most gift-giving budgets.  The site also stocks sophisticated merchandise such as jewelry, serving ware, vases, picture frames, purses, and some very eye catching tree ornaments.

DAR Umbrella
DAR Ornament









For a true hodge podge of create-your-own and funny genealogy items, checkout Zazzle and CafePress.  Both sites have standard t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, hoodies, and key chains, but also offer cool stuff like ornaments, baby clothes, golf balls, shower curtains, and even yoga mats.  I love these sites because they usually have great sales around the holidays, and free shipping for orders over $50.

CafePress Travel Mug
CafePress grant shirt
Zazzle genealogy shirt
Zazzle wine charm














Zazzle iPhone case


Zazzle Genealogy Baby Onsie








If you’re looking to send a gift to GeneaBloggers creator Thomas MacEntee, its common knowledge that he is a big fan of liquid libations, so that Hard Working Genealogist Wine Glass Charm could be a great way to show your appreciation for the Geneabloggers website and Pinterest page.

May your holidays be merry, bright, and full of genealogical breakthroughs!

See you at the Library!



One thought on “Clever Gifts for Genealogists – Tuesday’s Tip

  1. I really like the personalized family tree art, and some of the ones on Etsy looked really great. As a tip, I found which is similar to the designs on Etsy but is automated online from a variety of templates. Anyway, it was easy, cheap and turned out great, so thought it was worth sharing!

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