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New Tech Tools That Will Make You Drool – Tech Tuesday

I’m always on the lookout for genealogy tech tools.  Gadgets, software, websites, I love to look at all the cool new stuff and demo as much of it as I can.

With the holiday season approaching, retailers and websites are offering an array of new and improved gadgets which are great for genealogists.  And you’ll find them in the most unlikely places, like Menards or Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Look for special deals and coupons and be aware that these products may offer a special mail-in rebate.  Pandigital’s Handheld Wand Scanner with Dual Rollers and it’s sister the Pandigital Handheld Wand Scanner typically retail for $99, but Lee Lasseigne (a FPLD Genealogy Club member) saw them on sale at Menards for $75 with a special $25 rebate available bringing the price down to $50!  Lee noted this scanner “can be invaluable in a pinch, carry it around wherever you go!”

If you missed the Menard’s deal, you can still save about $19 for the same item by using great coupons at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  First time email subscribers for Bed, Bath & Beyond get a 20% off one item in-store Savings Certificate, which can be used in conjunction with any additional rebates to bring the price of the Pandigital scanner to about $60.  Don’t forget to check your mailbox, because you might be able to use BB&B’s $5 flyer coupons along with your 20% savings certificate!

I found an interesting genealogy website a few days ago.  Family History Notebook offers free online document storage (limit 100), and reasonable plans for up to 4,000 documents.  This could be a great gift idea for the genealogist who is looking to ditch the accordion file folders!

If you haven’t tried Mocavo and the newly launched, you’re in for a treat.  Mocavo is the world’s first and largest genealogy search engine. In addition to browsing the web for your ancestors, you can publish your own information, share your research, and work on collaborative projects with other genealogists.

If you have any suggestions or comments on these items, post them on our blog!

See You At The Library!


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