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Illinois opens original birth certificates to adoptees! – Tuesdays’s Tip

Have you heard the great news genealogists?

The next phase of the new Illinois open records adoption law went into effect this week.  As of November 15th, adopted persons over the age of 21 who were born in Illinois on or after January 1, 1946 may now request a non-certified copy of their original birth certificate.  Adopted persons born in Illinois prior to January 1, 1946 have been able to request their original birth certificates since the law went into effect in 2010.

Important Note: Under the new law, original birth certificates cannot be issued in person by state or county vital statistics offices.  In most cases, the original birth certificate will list the first and last names of one or both birth parents.   All birth parents may indicate their preferences regarding contact with their adult birth child.

The options available under this new law are different for adopted persons, birth parents and their family members. The options available also change depending on the date of birth of the adult adopted person.

The law also makes provisions for surviving spouses and adult children of deceased adopted persons to make requests for the adopted person’s original birth certificate.

The form for requesting the original birth certificates is available on the Illinois Department of Public Health’s website at:

You can also visit for more information about these changes!

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