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Looking at – Those Places Thursday

I’ve had limited luck researching Irish records.  It’s not that I don’t think I’m trying hard enough, I just think the ‘luck of the Irish’ is simply not with me on this endeavor.  When I think strategically about Irish research, there are several apparent disadvantages, namely non-existent census records, late vital records registration, and limited early marriage records for a majority of the population.

The census records I need have been destroyed, and with government registration of births, marriages and deaths in Ireland beginning on January 1, 1864, my options are limited for finding my famine-era ancestors.

But I’ve been conducting some research on, and I’ve found some very helpful and promising leads.  This site has a lot of records for people searching for documents from Northern Ireland, and it has a great selection of items from across the country.  The obvious holes in this site revolve around the absence of records from a few densely-populated areas such as Wexford, Kerry(South), Cork counties, as well as the City of Dublin.

As with sites such as,, and, searching for records is free, but viewing individual documents will cost you about $7 American.

So on this note, the comment/question of the day is: What Irish records do you need and why?

Leave your interesting and creative responses in the comment box.

See you at the Library!


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