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Free Family History Writing Class – Thrifty Thursday

Is your family story too good to keep in the family?  Was great-grandpa a train robber?  Was great-great grandma a college graduate?  Your family may be littered with black sheep and canonized saints, but that won’t keep their stories alive forever.  So save some hard earned cash and learn to write your family history saga!

The Fountaindale Public Library is hosting “Bringing Family History to Life: The Stories We Could Tell” on Wednesday, August 24 at 7:00 p.m. in Meeting Room B.  Presenter David Clark will help you reach beyond genealogical facts and data to crafting a rich and full history of your ancestors.  Mr. Clark writes “Writing the unique stories of a person’s family can preserve the facts and provide a record for future generations. This presentation will help people interested in telling their family stories to overcome their fears of writing and commit the oral traditions to the written word.”

Mr. Clark will discuss how to interweave your organized information with written materials to create a fantastic item.  All you need to begin your project is a computer, scanner, and digital camera!

Registration for this event is suggested, so save your spot by calling the Fountaindale Public Library at (630) 685-4176.  You can also register by visiting the 3rd Floor Reference Desk or by visiting our website at

So, the question/comment of the day is:

If you could interview any of your ancestors, who would you choose and why?

Leave your interesting or creative responses in the comment box below, or on our Facebook Page.

Next time, we’ll look at genealogy webinars on Youtube and swap favorite genealogy-centric films and documentaries.

See you at the Library!


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