Cyndi’s List Spruces Up website and Irish-American Heritage Center Hosts Genealogy Meeting

If you’ve been been a user of the blockbuster site Cyndi’s List, you’ll really enjoy its newly launched website design.  With a new layout and some fantastic cosmetic adjustments, the site is better organized and is visually appealing.

I’ve always enjoyed the ‘What’s New’ section, which has provided me with a lot of great finds.  The genealogy category area seems cleaner and easier to use.  I’m also impressed by the design of the ‘new link’, ‘report a broken link’, or ‘update a link’ areas.

You can read more about it on Cyndi’s List: All Spruced Up – And Essential As Ever by Liz Haigney Lynch from the Newark Genealogy Examiner .

This weekend, the Irish American Heritage Center, located at 4626 N Knox Ave in Chicago,
will be open for genealogy research assistance on Sunday, June 26th.

The Irish American Heritage Center genealogy meetings are an opportunity for researchers to use the facilities of the library and discuss what families, areas and problems they’re having with their Irish and Irish-American research.

If you have any questions, please contact the Irish American Heritage Center at (773) 282-7035 or log on to their website at http://irish-american.org/.

Also, don’t forget to buy your tickets for the Irish American Heritage Center Irish Fest which runs July 8, 9, and 10 in Chicago!

Next week I will need your help tracking down local sources for an out-of-town patron!

See you at the Library!


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