Genealogy 101 class offered online through FPLD’s Universal Class database!

Newbies take note!

The Fountaindale Public Library now offers a Genealogy 101 class online for free through our Universal Class Database!

Our Universal Class Database is open to all FPLD card holding patrons, and can be accessed from our Computer Lab & Local History room during library business hours or from your home 24/7 via the internet. You are welcome to enroll in up to 5 courses at a time, and have up to six months to finish each class.

You can sign up for a class anytime, and you are free to attend class and complete assignments on your schedule. Each course has a real instructor who can assist you with your course work via e-mail.

After signing on and registering for class, I’ve found the materials to be easy to read and very approachable.  If you are a beginner to the study of genealogy, you are in for a well structured and interesting class!

If you’re researching beyond the Genealogy 101 class, you might find these Universal Class courses to be well worth your time:

  • American Civil War 101
  • American History Review
  • Geography 101
  • How to Create Webpages
  • Journaling and Memoir Writing 101
  • Microsoft Publisher 2007

If you need any help registering or need homework help, visit or call the library for top-notch assistance.

Good luck and don’t forget to sign up for class today!


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